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Hydraulic presses.
Whether you are looking to buy a Hare, Norton, Mills, Blanch, Muller, Hi Ton or Stenhoj hydraulic press - or just need one of these repaired or serviced, we are here to help.

Hydraulic presses for sale.

The list of refurbished and used presses on this site are just some of the machines we can provide, our stock always changes so please just get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

If you are not sure what you need, one of our team will be able to guide you.

Hydraulic presses we currently have in stock.
60 Ton Hydraulic Press.

60 ton hydraulic power press with light guards large left to right bed area. Top and bottom switches for easy setting.

63 Ton Muller Hydraulic Press.

63 ton muller, no guards with the machine, light guards or pull down guards can be fitted.

63 Ton Muller Hydraulic Press.

Muller hydraulic press 63 ton no guards fitted, light guards or pull down guards can be fitted.

150 Ton Hydraulic Press.

150 ton press sold as seen or totally refurbished, rise and fall guard, heated plattern.

12 Ton HI Ton Hydraulic Press.

Hydraulic press 12 Ton HI ton, pull close guards, long stroke.

20 Ton Blanch Press.

20 ton Blanch press with light guards.

Servicing and maintenance.

We believe it is worth ensuring that your hydraulic presses are always in good working order, rather than waiting for an issue to arise which can then be costly and time-consuming to sort out. Global Industrial Services offers a full servicing and maintenance package to keep your machines on track.


Our engineers will travel to your works to look over your hydraulic press.  We can arrange to remove and change your oil as well as fitting new filters.

We will report on what we find during the service and issue a certificate, we will investigate any strange noises or vibrations, any reduction in output, as these warning signs should not be ignored.


Whether your press has an electrical fault, a loss of pressure, leaking valves, piston scoring/ dropping ram or seals that need changing - our engineers have the experience to get your machine back in full working order, fast.

We have machinists and engineers available to design and manufacture broken parts and replace obsolete parts with new.  Additionally, we have electricians on hand to read programmes, fit light guards and trace any electrical problems you may have. 


We stock a large selection of parts for all types of hydraulic machines including seals, motors, filters, valves etc.

Our engineers and machine shop can design and manufacture any parts you may require - whatever you need we can supply it. 

Mechanical presses.

We can supply refurbished mechanical presses and can repair any mechanical press you may have. We are have a large stock of mechanical presses of all types and sizes so if you can’t find what you’re looking for here please contact us.
Mechanical presses for sale.
Sweeny & Blocksidge M75 75 Ton Power Press.

An excellent 75 ton geared power press, full interlock guarding, adjustable stroke, large bed area.

Sweeny & Blocksidge M50 50 Ton Power Press.

50 Ton geared power press with adjustable stroke and full interlock guarding.

HME LM40 Power Press.

40 ton geared power press with adjustable stroke, inclinable frame, full interlock guarding.

HME 100 Ton Forge Press.

HME 100 ton forge press fixed 8 inch stroke, geared. Full interlock guards.

75 Ton Bliss Power Press.

75 ton fixed stroke 75 ton geared power press with full interlock guarding. Ideal for forging work.

Taylor & Challen B31/2 Power Press.

60 ton geared power press, fixed stroke, full interlock guarding.

Sweeney and Blocksidge No 9.

Sweeney and Blocksidge no 9 20 ton power press, geared, adjustable stroke, no guards.

Sweeney and Blocksidge No 9.

Sweeney and Blocksidge 20 ton power press, ungeared, adjustable stroke, no guarding, guarding can be fitted.

HME OP 75 Power Press.

HME OP75 75 ton ungeared power press, with full interlock guards, adjustable stroke.

Mechanical press service,
repair and parts.

Whether you need an annual inspection, an emergency breakdown service, advice on spare parts, or just to rectify an annoying noise problem, we can help.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Clutch Presses.

Our skilled and experienced engineers can offer complete machine strip downs of both hydraulic and pneumatic clutch presses. Additionally, we can supply clutch/brake linings, seals or replace any broken/damaged or worn parts from our stock or design and manufacture them as required. We have a large selection of pneumatic and hydraulic clutch presses for sale but if you have specific machine requirements we can help to source one from our network of suppliers.
Pneumatic and hydraulic clutch presses for sale.
150 Ton Rhodes Press.

150 ton Rhodes press, geared, fixed fence guarding, adjustable stroke.

100 Ton Machine.

100 ton power press with a pneumatic clutch type. Full interlock guarding.

Erfurt 160 Ton Power Press.

Erfurt 160 ton power press with full interlock guarding servo attached to the machine, adjustable stroke.

Rhodes 160 Ton Press.

Rhodes 160 ton power press, adjustable stroke, full interlock guarding, geared.

100 Ton Rhodes Press.

100 ton Rhodes press with a pneumatic Taylor clutch, geared,  adjustable stroke, full interlock guarding and fixed fence side guards.

Do you have a specific requirement that’s not shown on our website?
Please contact us through the links below as we may be able to source it for you.


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