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Our feeding equipment.

We have a wide range of metal feeding and straightening equipment in stock and can also source any equipment our customers may want.
For those who aren’t sure exactly what they need, we can advise on the best equipment to maximise the efficiency of your power press.
Items that we sell typically include:
  • Levellers – powered and unpowered
  • Decoilers – stand alone, mandrel and cradle type
  • Recoilers – powered
  • Space savers – powered and unpowered, with or without snubber arms
  • Servo feeders – from 6” to 48”
  • Air feeders – light and heavy duty, standard and special sizes
  • Scrap choppers
  • Oil feeders
Additional services our engineers provide.
Our engineers can design and manufacture control boxes and cam controls to your specific requirements and can refurbish your BHP decoiler clutches and brake units.

Feeding equipment for sale.

We have a wide selection of the equipment in stock as highlighted here.  Additionally, we can source any item, or provide guidance on what you may need, so please call us if you cannot find what you are looking for.


We have a large selection of levellers and can advise on which one is required, 0-5 mm material 1”- 48” width machines, powered or just pull through types.

Feed Oilers.

We have a selection of oil feeders to lubricate your feed material or we can design and manufacture a new one to suit.

BHP Leveller.

We have a large selection of BHP feed equipment and parts including 0-5 mm material  1”- 48” width machines, powered type.

Space Saver Decoiler/Leveller.

Atkins / Clarke / BHP etc, we have a large selection of space saver type decoiler /levellers from 0-5 mm material 1”- 48” width machines, powered.

Double Headed Decoiler.

Atkins / BHP / Clarke double headed decoilers - we have a number of different sizes and can handle varying size coils motorised and unmotorised, we do have a selection of larger models under different manufacturers names.

Clarke’s 2 Ton Decoiler/Leveller.

Clarke’s 2 ton Decoiler / Leveller with mechanical mandrel operation, space saver type.

Power Air Feeder.

We have a large selection of power air feeders with different jaw types, 2 inch to 36 inch width with varying pitches and material thickness.

Atkins Decoiler.

Atkins 2 ton decoiler with a mechanical mandral, powered, easy to fix to the floor with snubber arm which can be removed.

Servo Feeder.

Atkins Servo Feeder, free standing, drive will be manufactured upon placing an order.

Formit Feed Rolling Machine.

Formit feed rolling machine, totally refurbished and movable. Further information upon request.

Atkins 2 Ton Motorised Decoiler.

Atkins two ton motorised decoiler with mechanical mandral.

Do you have a specific requirement that’s not shown on our website?
Please contact us through the links below as we may be able to source it for you.


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